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Invitation for Billy Megargel's Art Show at Lesley University June 2013


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A rubber spatula, an XO Easy Grip turkey baster and a dish rag –

all ordinary kitchen tools, but in Billy’s hands they are his ply and trade as he creates a lively and intricate network of colors. Passionate and laser focused, Billy turns the ordinary into the extraordinary with an arsenal of tools ranging from artists brushes, ball tip whisks, paint rollers, rubber colanders, bamboo salad utensils and bubble wrap. When one walks into the garage studio, music pulsates as Billy throws, swirls, and presses the paint into a visual symphony.

The physical and emotional power of his painting is Billy’s signature trademark. His personal story, however, reveals why he is so committed to his life as an artist. For years, Billy has endured acute episodic pain. His medical realities coincide with his diagnosis of autism. For some individuals on the autism spectrum the social world is complex as well as physically grueling. Suffering is a part of Billy’s life. But Billy does not see his pain as defining who he is or will become. Though his physical health is precarious, Billy desires to paint. Billy loves life and embraces it with bravado. Anyone who knows Billy and witnesses his passion for colors and his delight in music are moved by his choice to express beauty in the midst of intractable obstacles. Billy relishes all of life’s sensations.

It is his gift to humanity.


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