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Language Acts as the Foundation For Communication Exchange

  • Ask a specific person for assistance

  • Request a diverse array of specific items

  • Ask for a break

  • Comment about an activity or personal achievement

  • Comment about a personal setback or disappointment

  • Comment about an aesthetic preference

  • Convey a point of view

  • Initiate an idea or choice

  • Initiate and sustain a social exchange

  • Initiate a change in the schedule

  • Ask and answer an array of questions

  • Anticipate an event or visit

  • Express humor about specific interactions or situations

  • Express remorse

  • Express empathy

  • Express frustration

  • Express desire to see a family member or friend

  • Express concern about others

  • Demonstrate generosity

  • Understand why a personal change in lifestyle or health status occurs

  • Understand when and why an event or change occurs

  • Gain clarification and/or additional information on a topic

  • Recognize errors and inform communication partners

  • Reflect about a personal experience

  • Negotiate the terms of a compromise

  • Disagree with directives and offer alternatives

  • Advocate for oneself and others

  • Change one’s mind

  • Review social guidelines or stories independently

  • Rehearse scripts as a path toward greater understanding and acceptance

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