Testimonial-Medical Professional

I have seen Voice Colors®-Billy’s Story and the story told about Billy resonates for the community of children with autism. Children must find a voice, a way to speak more than words or labels, so they can communicate their needs and even their wishes.

Voice Colors® shows this process for one child. Billy has had multiple interactions with hospitals. Coming to our hospital for procedures, Billy brought his communication devices. Without it we would have had a traumatic experience. With it, Billy was able to understand our plans, he was able to state his needs following the testing and we could then go forward with his understanding and cooperation. Many educational pathways stress the acquisitions of verbal language in autism. Although a wonderful goal, some will not achieve it, others will have frustration along the path with no way to express it. Finding a proper system to communicate it so important. This is a welcome video to discuss this process.

Timothy Buie, MD MGHfC Lurie Center

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