Testimonial-School Educator

Voice Colors® is an incredible documentary of Billy’s journey to be an independent communicator. I know Billy’s story well as I was his teacher. Billy came to my classroom as a 5 year old non-verbal boy. Billy did not develop spoken language nor did he naturally develop conventional gestures to communicate with, such as gesturing or pointing. Because of Billy’s social deficits, Billy did not then know that other people in his world could help him meet his needs; get him what he wanted. And, so, because Billy did not have these skills, such as pointing or knowing to get someone’s attention for help, he presented with many unconventional, challenging behaviors as a young boy. Throughout those years, Eve and her husband Matt knew that Billy needed to learn to become an independent communicator. Eve saw all of Billy’s challenging behaviors as his attempt to get his needs met and saw he needed to be taught conventional language and social skills. Voice Colors® illustrates Billy’s journey to learn to socially connect with others and to communicate his thoughts and feelings. Billy has learned that communication is a reciprocal process and that socially connecting with others is very rewarding. Billy’s parents have always had a strong vision of their hopes for Billy. Because of their incredible commitment to their son, Bill is now an independent communicator and lives a quality life. Voice Colors® illustrates Billy’s heroic journey.

Sue Constable Director, Autism Spectrum Disorders Support Center

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